Raúl Nivón Ramírez

Raúl Nivón Ramírez
Image Credit: © Raúl Nivón Ramírez

International Research Training Group "Between Spaces"

Movements, Actors and Representations of Globalisation

PhD Candidate

Field of Activity

Project: "The Rhetoric of Mexico 1968. Mass Media and the Creation of Sports Events at the XIXth Olympic Games"

Email rnivon@colmex.mx

Since August 2009

PhD candidate at El Colegio de México

October 2012

MA. History Specialization. Grade granted by El Colegio de México.

October 2007

History Graduated (Licenciatura en Historia) granted by the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, National Autonomus University of Mexico

Work experiences

Since August 2012

Working at the institucional Project “Evaluation of the Social Policies of the Federal District, 1997-2012”. Evalua-DF Council

July 2008 -

December 2009

Laboured at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH, Mexico city) as Profesor type B

January 2008 -

July 2008

Investigation Assistant of the 4th Institutional Macro-project of the National Autonomus University of Mexico: “Diversity, National Culture and democracy in globalization times: humanities and social sciences toward the XXI Century Challenges”. Sub-project 26: “Overview on the Liberal Nation, 1848-1940”

January 2004 -

January 2005

Investigation Assistant of the institutional research: Two Centuries of Mexico-US relationship. A bibliographic and hemerography guide, 1974-2005

"The Rhetoric of Mexico 1968. Mass Media and the Creation of Sports Events at the XIXth Olympic Games"


Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Guillermo Zermeño (El Colegio de México), Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke (FU Berlin)


The research attempts to involve the history of sports, the mass media and the Olympic Games' studies. It's main scenario will be the XIX Olympiad, Mexico ’68. Particularly, it will be focused in the narrative and communicative phenomena that happened through this event. That means the media communication produced in the diaries, television and radio around the games. My personal interest departs from the fact that the Mexican Olympiad was the first global communication satellite broadcasted.

My initial question is how the historical sports events are created? I consider that in order to find answers to this interrogation it is necessary to understand the actors that spread the sporting happenings. In the framework in which the sportive appears as part of the mediated entertainment –a mass media complex—, the creators of the historical sport events are immersed in the dynamics of the mass media. Therefore, I pretend to focus on the reporters, journalists, reporters, narrators and producers as spreaders of speeches and a rhetoric of a given reality.



  • (2013): Cuando la vida se mide en vueltas. Historia de la Gimnasia en México, 1926-2012. [En prensa]  Comité Olímpico Mexicano/Federación Mexicana de Gimnasia: México. [with Axel Elías Jiménez and Augusto Elías Jiménez].

Articles in magazines

  • (2011), ‘Grobet, Lourdes: Espectacular de Lucha Libre’ in Sur de México. Vol. 1. No. 1. January-April 2011. p. 59.

Articles in Anthologies

  • (2011), ‘Presentación’, in: MacGrégor, Josefina (coord.), Miradas sobre la nación liberal: 1848-1948. Proyectos, debates y desafíos, UNAM: México, 3 Vol. [with Eric Nava Jacal]