Subjects and application


The four vacancies of the University of Seville, as with the ones of Madrid and Turin are primarily for LAI students interested in studying History and ethno-history.

Other places in Seville and Murcia are for students of Latin American sciences, language and philology as well as social sciences or communication and information sciences.

The Nantes University is offering places for students of Latin American sciences and modern languages.

The Coimbra and Bergen universities are for studying American Anthropology with an ethnological emphasis, ethnologists, and bachelor students in social and cultural anthropology.



Applicants should have finished their basic studies, possess good knowledge of the respective national language. and have planned and properly justified study goals amounting to approximately 30 or 60 ECTS Credit Points.

Only fully registered FU Berlin students may apply for a ERASMUS scholarship, and they must be citizens of a European Union member state, a participating SOKRATES program country, or be officially recognized by Germany as refugees, stateless persons, or possess legal residency status in Germany.

Students must follow the statutes of the FU Berlin for holiday semesters during the period of their ERASMUS exchange.

Application information about study opportunities can usually be found on the internet sites of the partner universities, most often easily found as links on the department and ERASMUS program websites of their home or partner university websites. In addition, the ERASMUS office at the FU distributes brochures of many partner universities during consultations.

Additional information may be obtained by consulting reports of students who have participated in the program in the past, available from project managers, or from contacts with current ERASMUS guest students, arranged through the ERASMUS office.

To apply, complete the two-paged Student Application form as clearly and completely as possible. In addition, you will need to submit a personal data sheet, state your reasons for the foreign study, and include performance records of your studies to date, a certificate of university registration, a passport photograph, proof of language skills, and letters of recommendation.

Submit completed applications to:

Erasmusbeauftragte des Latinamerika-Instituts
Nino Vallen
Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56
14197 Berlin