Aplication for the first semester

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The application period for the M.A. in "Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies" for the winter semester is between april 15th and may 31st of each year (cut-off date). The application is solely possible within these dates.

It is not possible to submit documents for application after the cut-off date.

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The entry requirements for the M.A. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies are:

1) A German or equivalent foreign degree with professional relevance which requires the completion of at least 60 credit points in one or more of the following subjects:

  • Pre-Colombian studies
  • Brazilian studies
  • History
  • Caribbean studies
  • Latin American studies
  • Political science
  • Social and cultural anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Political economy
  • Literary studies
  • Cultural studies

2.) Furthermore, knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) must be confirmed. The confirmation must be in the form of a language certificate which was earned upon passing a language exam. The certificate must explicitly state that the acquired knowledge corresponds to the B2 level. Declarations on oath or proof of a sojourn in a Spanish or Portuguese-speaking country will not be considered. The confirmation of Portuguese or Spanish also applies to applicants with a bilingual upbringing or a native speaker if she or he obtained a German diploma or has German university admission eligibility.

3.) For applicants whose native language is not German, a certification of German knowledge must be proven with the German language examination for university admission (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang DSH2), or an equivalent certificate in accordance with the ordinance for German language examination for the university eligibility of foreign applicants for a university place at Freie Universität Berlin. If the German language exam is not passed, the applicants may be admitted to the Master’s program with DSH1 and be enrolled for a limited period of time with the requirement to attend course-related language courses.

At the moment of the application it is enough to submit a certificate of the B2 GER level. For an unlimited matriculation in the Master`s program, a DSH2 level or an equivalent (+/- C2 GER) has to be certificated.

4.) A list of extracurricular qualifications that are relevant to the program and which give information about the particular aptitude for the M.A. Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies. This can be in the form of a resume or a tabular list. Please also include corresponding certificates and otherwise written confirmation.

Here you can find the statute regarding the allocation of a university place (german version).


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Here you can find the selection criteria (german version).

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For an application for the Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Latin American Studies you have to fill out an online application form and upload the corresponding documents to the "Bewerberinfoportal" of the Freie Universität Berlin.

Online aplication form

Here you can find and fill out the online application form.

Documents that need to be uploaded

The subsequent documents have to be uploaded to the "Bewerberinfoportal":

  • A certificate of the previous graduation degrees as well as the course of study and test performance (transcript of records)
  • A certificate of sufficient spanish knowledge (min. B2) or
  • A certificate of sufficient portuguese knowledge (min B2)
  • A tabular overview of extracurricular activities that might be relevant for this Master`s degree (e.g. internships, volunteering, research visits, etc.)
  • Evidence of the listed extracurricular activities (e.g. a certificate of the internship, job references, etc.)

By the end of the application period the documents need to be fully uploaded to the "Bewerberinforportal" of the office "Bewerbung und Zulassung der Freien Universität Berlin"! With the filled out application form and the upload of the documents the application is considered valid.

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If you obtained your graduation outside of Germany, you have to apply via uni-assist for the master studies at the Freie Universität Berlin. Uni assist verifies wether your application fulfills the formal requirements of the Freie Universität Berlin. Uni-assit does not examine discipline-specific entry-requirements and does not carry out the admission procedure. The Freie Universität Berlin does only accept applications that have been made through uni-assist! You can apply for a maximum of two master degree programs.

You will need to pay uni-assist for the preliminary review. Your application will solely be reviewed when the payment entered in the bank account of uni-assist. To quicken the process, please attach the receipt of your payment to the application.

Please notice: In general uni-assist needs around 4-6 weeks to process your application, by the end of the application period it might also take longer. For that reason we urge you to submit your application as soon as possible, for it might be that otherwise you will not be notified in time about missing documents. Documents that are submitted after the application period will not be accepted!

For a request for a student visa you can submit to the german embassy the confirmation of uni-assist of the forwarding of your application to the university.

The further procedure for an application through uni-assist and the documents to be submitted is explained here. Please follow these instructions. Which documents the applicants with a foreign graduation have to submit specifically for the M.A. "Interdiciplinary Latin American Studies" is explained here (FAQ).

If you have questions about the procedure of uni-assist, please ask directly uni-assist!

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Here you can find information about special cases, e.g. if you want to apply without having finished your Bachelor`s degree yet, if you have interest in studying part-time, etc.

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For applicants who are candidating with a german degree can view here the status of their current application procedure.

Candidates that apply with a foreign degree, meaning via uni-assist, unfortunatly are not able to see the current status of their application.

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