Constantin Groll

Colegio Internacional de Graduados "Entre Espacios"

Movimientos, Actores y Representaciones de la Globalización

Estudiante postdoctoral

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Project: "Fiscal and Tax policy, Federalism & Decentralization, Subnational Politics, Structural Heterogeneity, Development, and Inequality in Latin America"

Dirección Boltzmannstr. 4
14195 Berlin
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Academic Career

since 10/15

PostDoctoral Researcher GK Between Spaces, FU Berlin


Visiting Researcher, FLACSO Spain, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
02/15-09/15 PostDoctoral Researcher
02/15 Dr. rer. pol. (Political Science), Freie Universität Berlin (summa cum laude)

03 - 05/2012

Visiting Researcher, ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean), Santiago de Chile, Chile

since 07/11

Journal Editor, Critical Reviews on Latin American Research - CROLAR -


Diplom (Master equiv.) in Political Science, Freie Universität Berlin 

08/06 – 03/07

Exchange Student, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Facultad de Ciencias Sociales 

10/03 – 05/05

Magister Atrium (M.A.): Political Science, Economics, Islamic Science; Ruprecht Karls Universität Heidelberg
SS 2016

Staat und Entwicklung in Lateinamerika – Einführung in die
Analyse von Akteuren, Institutionen und Themenfeldern (PS)

WS 2012/2013

"Grundfragen der Politischen Ökonomie Lateinamerikas" (PS), mit Christian Ambrosius; (link zum Lehrveranstaltungskonzept)

SS 2011

"Einführung in die Politikfeldanalyse - Fiskal- und Agrarpolitik in Argentinien und Brasilien" (PS) mit Markus Rauchecker

My research is concerned with the interdependence of global economic processes and the re-production of social inequalities in Latin American federal states. The principal perspective applied to analyze this interdependence is to study the dynamics of the fiscal foundations of Latin American federations - either with a focus on the revenue collection side (tax policy), the expenditure side (fiscal and distributional policies), or the dynamics of subnational-national fiscal distribution regimes (fiscal federalism) in the light of a changing global economy. Most of my research draws on on a mixed-methodological research design, combining quantitative (econometric) analysis, as well as qualitative methododological tools.

Ongoing projects:

 The external dimension of subnational fiscal autonomy in Mexico and Argentina (book proposal)

 Global economic developments and sub-national fiscal capacity in Argentina and Mexico

 Fiscal policy and territorial inequality during the “commodity consensus”

 Asymmetries of knowledge in public finance (funded by E-Club, FU Berlin)

 Tax policy in and after the commodity boom in Latin America (with M. Valdés)

 Fiscal Policy Effects of Economic Crises (with Christian Ambrosius)


2016 The External Dimension of Subnational Fiscal Autonomy: Insights from the Mexican case, in: Working Paper Series 92, Berlin:


2014: Mexikos Föderalismus im Wandel [Changing federalism in Mexico]; in: Schröter, B. (ed.): Das politische System in Mexiko, VS Verlag (191-212).

2014: Die Ambivalenz der Kontrolle: Mexikanische Bundesstaaten und Munizipien zwischen Ausgabenkontrolle und fiskaler Autonomie seit der Demokratisierung; in: Jahrbuch des Föderalismus 2014, EZFF, Nomos.


2013: Boundary Control, by E. Gibson, in: CROLAR - Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, Vol. 2(2).

2013: Patients of the state, by J. Auyero; in: ERLACS, Nr.94/1.

2012: Mobilizing Resources in Latin America by O. Sanchez in: CROLAR - Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, Vol. 1(2).

2012: Declining Inequality in Latin America. A Decade of Progress? by L.F. López-Calva & N. Lustig, Nora (ed.) in: CROLAR - Critical Reviews on Latin American Research, Vol. 1(1).