Mexico, Guanajuato

Murilo Mendes: da história satírica à memória contemplativa (abgeschlossenes Promotionsprojekt, 2007)




[Projektleitung verlinken] Prof. Dr. Ligia Chiappini




Dr. Valmir de Souza


The aim of this study is to analyze the relations between History and Brazilian memory in Murilo Mendes’ poetry. This task of interpretation involves a revision of the country with a satiric and religious key in two books of the poet, History of Brasil (1932) and Contemplation of Ouro Preto (1954). The uses of History and memory done by the poet are considered very different in various ways promoting innovations in how we see images of the past.

The intention is to show that Brazil is an important reference in the books analyzed emphasizing the reviews the poet does about our History and the poetical composition at the same time. Then, our study analyzes Murilo Mendes in a specific line of the Brazilian literary tradition considering a theme that few studies have contemplated so far.