Arbeitstitel des Dissertationsvorhabens

“Buen Vivir in Mexico?” – Alternative concepts of development in the Wixáritari community (“¿Buen Vivir en México?” – Alternativas al concepto del “Desarrollo” en la comunidad Wixáritari)

Betreuung: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels


Practices and discourses of the concept of “Development” have been questioned a lot during the last decades. Seen as a eurocentric and hegemonic project in the frame of globalization processes, the way development shapes and describes social reality is theoretically challenged by antidevelopmentists and post-colonialists. Nonetheless existing structures of power due to global (development) manners seen as well as colonial heritage have not been overcome. These policies and discourses created spaces of exclusion, pushing groups of people to the margin of economical and political decision making.

Embedded in this context this investigation project contains uprising debates about ideas to transcend the concept of a unilinear development of human progress and how new political and social spaces of negotiation are created as examples from Bolivia and Ecuador have recently underlined.

Furthermore, this investigation should examine local perceptions of international debates on development and globalization on the example of the Wixáritari-people in Mexico as well as the internalization and reinterpretation of these concepts and content. Alternative models should be identified and the creation of new political and social spaces due to modern media will be examined/investigated.