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What Explains the Speed of Recovery from Banking Crises? (revise and resubmit at Journal of International Money and Finance)

Do Remittances Crowd In or Crowd Out Public Expenditure? (manuscript available)

Banking Crises Policies in Comparative Perspective: Re-visiting the Latin American Experience (in progress)

Economic Growth and Regime Change (in progress)

Return Migration and Political Change (in progress)

Published Journal Articles

Remittances and the Use of Formal and Informal Financial Services. World Development, Vol 77, (Jan 2016), pp. 80–98 (with Alfredo Cuecuecha).Previous Version as Discussion Paper 2014/19, School of Business and Economics, Freie Universität Berlin

Remittances and Financial Access: Is There Really a Link and for Whom? Evidence from Mexican Household Data. Forthcoming in The World Economy. Previous version as Discussion Paper 2012/8, School of Business and Economics, Freie Universität Berlin

Remittances for Financial Access: Lessons from Latin American Microfinance. Development Policy Review 32(6), 2014, pp. 733–753 (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Are Remittances a Substitute for Credit? Carrying the Financial Burden of Health Shocks in National and Transnational Households. World Development 46(6), 2013, pp. 143-152 (with Alfredo Cuecuecha). Previous version as Discussion Paper 2012/9, School of Business and Economics, Freie Universität Berlin

Remittances and the Transformation of Local Spaces. The Case of Financial Markets in Mexico. Iberoamericana, No. 48, 2012. Dossier "Entre espacios: entrelazamientos y movimientos en América Latina"

Remittances and Financial Development: Lessons from the Salvadoran Case. Savings and Development 35(1), 2011, pp. 1-27

Arbeitsmigration als Entwicklungschance? Remittances und die Rolle des Finanzsektors im lateinamerikanischen Kontext. Leviathan, Special Edition „Globalisierung Süd“, 2011, pp. 267–292 (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Other Published Articles

Remittances and the Financial Sector. Insights from Latin America. Forum for Interamerican Research 6(2), 2013, Special Edition „Migrations Between Spaces in the Americas“ (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Finanzmärkte in Räumen begrenzter Staatlichkeit: Makroökonomische Stabilität und Finanzielle Inklusion aus Governance-Perspektive. In M. Beisheim et al., eds. Wozu Staat? Governance in Räumen konsolidierter und begrenzter Staatlichkeit. Baden Baden: Nomos, 2011, pp. 221–250 (with Ursula Stiegler)

O potencial das remessas dos migrantes para a governação e o desenvolvimento financeiro no contexto EUA-México. In A. Malamud and F. Carrillo, eds. Migraciones, Cohesión Social y Gobernabilidad: Perspectivas Euro-Latino-Americanas. Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 2011, Lisbon: ICS-Lisboa (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler), pp. 101-128

Financial Development and Macroeconomic Stabilization through Migrant Remittances? Potential Benefits and Policies. In: Knerr, Béatrice (ed.): Transfers from International Migration: A Strategy of Economic and Social Stabilization at National and Household Level. 2012, Kassel: Kassel University Press, pp. 129-161 (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Other (Policy Papers, Reviews, etc.)

Review of Gabriela Inchauste and Ernesto Stein (eds) (2013): Financing the Family: Remittances to Central America in a Time of Crisis. CROLAR 3(1), 2014, pp. 51-54

Finansysteme Lateinamerikas. In: Lateinamerikalexikon, Peter Hammer Verlag. 2013, pp. 109-112

Remittances. Online Dictionary Social and Political Key Terms of the Americas: Politics, Inequalities, and North-South Relations, Version 1.0 (2012) (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Remittances und Soziale Sicherheit. Discussion Paper prepared for the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), 2009 (with Matthias Zeeb)

Geldsendungen von Migranten in ihre Heimatländer - ein "Manna" für wirtschaftliche Entwicklung? In: GIGA Focus Global Nr. 10, 2008 (with Barbara Fritz and Ursula Stiegler)

Recent and Upocoming Conference Presentations and Lectures (Selection)

Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Development Economics (AEL) of the German Economic Association (Heidelberg, 2016), Workshop on Financial Crisis Management and its Consequences in Comparative Perspective (Berlin, 2016), Annual Conference of the German Economics Association (VfS) (Münster, 2015), Nordic Conference on Development Economics (Copenhagen, 2015), Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Development Economics (AEL) of the German Economic Association (Passau, 2014), Invited Lecture at the Summer School of the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences (Humboldt University/WZB Berlin,  2014), Presentation at the Seminar Series for Development Economics of the Development Economics Network Berlin (DENeB), DIW Berlin, January 10th, 2014, „University Meets Microfinance”- Workshop (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, 2013), Norface Migration Network Conference (UCL London, 2013 and 2011),  Annual Conference of the Research Committee on Development Economics (AEL) of the German Economic Association (Munich, 2013)

Ph.D. Thesis: Essays on Migrants' Remittances and the Financial Sector

My Ph.D. thesis addressed the question how remittances - the money sent by migrants to their families back home - relate to incomplete or rudimentary financial markets in the migrants’ countries of origin. Because migration and financial services can both be understood as asset-building and risk-management tools, remittances and financial services may, in some cases, substitute for each other – for example, when family members in the US function as a source of capital from outside the regular household to cover emergency spending, similarly to credit or insurance from financial institutions. In other cases remittances and financial services complement each other because financial institutions offer a way of saving remittances or because financial institutions may accept remittances as collateral for loans. These topics are addressed through case studies on Mexico, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic. For a more detailed summary, see the introduction to my thesis.