Wissenschaftlicher Werdegang

Akademische Ausbildung

From November 2010:

LAI, Berlin
Doctoral Candidate
Project’s title “An Ethnolinguistic Approach to the Interplay of Language and Thought: the Development of Negation in Huaraz Quechua (Ancash, Peru)”
Supervisors: Prof. Dr.  Michael Dürr and Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels

Oct 2006 – Oct 2009:

University of Bologna
M.A in Linguistics
Thesis title “The middle voice in Ancash Quechua: the semantic functions of the suffix –ku”
Supervisors: Prof.  Maurizio Gnerre and  Prof.  Nicola Grandi
Key focus areas: Morpho-Syntax and Quechua language

Oct 2002 – Dec 2006

University of Bologna
B.A in Literature and Philosophy
Thesis title “The conversational markers: the functions of “magari”. A qualitative analysis of a corpus of spoken Messinesis”
Supervisor: Prof. Stefania Stame
Key focus area: Dialectology, Pragmatics and Field Research

Arbeitserfahrung im universitären Bereich

Mar – Aug 2010

Technische Universität, Berlin
Teaching Assistant of Dr. Hernán Aguilar for the Quechua Language course
Tasks: maintenance and development of the online learning platform for Quechua “Elemente der Morphologie am Beispiel der Quechua Sprache”.


June – Oct 2011

Huaraz and Lima (Peru), Field research for the Doctoral Project

June – Oct 2009

Ibero-American Institute, Berlin
Writing of the Master thesis under the supervision of Dr. Peter Masson

Sept 2008 – June 2009

University of California, Santa Barbara
Overseas Foreign Exchange Scholarship
Conceptualization of the Master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Marianne Mithun

Oct 2007 – Jul 2008

Technische Universität, Berlin
Erasmus Foreign Exchange Scholarship


June – Oct 2011

Scholarship for the field research for the Doctoral Project (Institute for Latin America Studies - FU)

Mar – Aug 2010

Leonardo internship scholarship from the University of Bologna (Technische Universität, Berlin)

Jun  – Oct 2009

Scholarship from the University of Bologna in support of writing the Master thesis (Ibero- American Institute, Berlin)

Sept 2008 – Jun 2009

Overseas Foreign Exchange Scholarship (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Oct 2007 – Jul 2008

Erasmus EU Foreign Exchange Scholarship (Technische Universität, Berlin)