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Modules of the central area of study

The central area of study serves the development and treatment of new interdisciplinary questions, the consolidation of knowledge about the region “Latin America” as well as the conveyance of specific theoretical and methodological knowledge and capabilities that are necessary for the academic investigation of the topics of the M.A. Within the framework of the interdisciplinary modules that are thematically related to the research conception of the LAI, the students acquire access to various problem statements concerning the Latin American continent.

The following modules must be completed in the central area of study:

(I) Contexts and Terms in Research on Latin America (II) Formation of Latin America (III) a) Module A1: Methods and Theories of Representation and Entanglement (III) b) Module B1: Developmental Theories and Strategies (III) c) Module D1: Interdisciplinary Theories and Methods of Gender Studies

 Competence aims and learning content of all the modules of the Master's Program