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Anti-Imperial Metropolis: Political Networks of Africans, Asians and Latin Americans in Interwar Paris

This project, funded by the European Union with the Marie Curie Career Integration Grant, proposes an examination of the political networks forged by Asians, Africans and Latin Americans in Paris between the two World Wars. Its principal goal is to arrive at a better understanding of how these networks contributed to the discursive construction of evolving cultural identities and antiimperial nationalisms among the foreigners and colonial subjects residing in Paris. By analysing various “groups” of people, with a particular focus on anti-imperialist intellectuals, the project is situated at the intersection of migration history, colonial history and intellectual history, seeking to bring together strands of scholarship that so far have too often been compartmentalized into subfields. In doing so, this research builds on a valuable body of historical scholarship about the imperial/colonial nature of the France of the Third Republic. However, by looking specifically at the interactions between groups that so far have usually been treated in isolation from one another, the projects seeks to go significantly beyond the existing historiography. It aims at showing how interaction and contact between the metropole and non-European actors, as well as between the latter, played into the emergence of nationalisms at the "periphery", which due to Paris' role as a hub of intellectual exchange had global repercussions.