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What is Semillero Colombia?

In 2015, Semillero Colombia was created, as a meeting point for students, scholars and anyone who works and researches subjects related to Colombia.

In Colombia, we call Semillero an extracurricular research group, that takes on cooperative interdisciplinary research about global subjects. After a study trip to Colombia by the students of the Latin American Institute in Berlin, the first Semillero was created, to further the insights of the trip and the academic setting in Colombia, to delve into research subjects concerning Colombia, and to organize events about Colombia in Germany.

What do we do?

Semillero offers a work network and an exchange forum to anyone interested in Colombian current affairs. Semillero provides a cooperative research activities and organizing experience that often can’t be found in regular university seminars.
Knowledge and experiences are shared in Semillero, so that future master students in LAI can have insight into internships, research stays and inspiration for their own research projects.
Semillero opens a plural space for LAI students and researchers of any age and position in academia, to come together and ignite collaborative research projects. We organize discussions through panels and other academic activities with experts in Colombian current affairs.
Semillero Colombia organizes monthly reunions to exchange information, as an interdisciplinary research platform, and is always open to new members.