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Courses about Colombia WS 09/10

  • WiSe 17/18:Transitional Justice in international comparison: mechanisms, critique and current challenges using the example of Colombiia (German)
    Kristina Dietz

  • WiSe 17/18: The Colombian Peace Accord: Analyzingn its development, different perspectives and challenges to its implementation 
    Manuel Góngora Mera

  • SoSe 17:  Afrodescendancy and inequality regimes: Entangled inequalities in the Black Pacific (Spanish)
    Manuel Góngora Mera, Rocío Vera Santos

  • SoSe 17: Transitional Justice and Memory in Latin America: Local histories and transnational entanglements (Spanish)
    Mónika Contreras Saiz, Manuel Góngora Mera
  • SoSe 17: Colombia: Cultural production and the discourse of violence. (Spanish)
    Patricia Acevedo Kallweit
  • SoSe 17:  Interdependent Inequalities and entangled stories: The restitution of land and the peace process in Colombia. (Spanish)
    Martha Zapata Galindo
  • WiSe 16/17: The peace negotiations in Colombia. Juncture analysis, perspectives, and challenges. (Spanish)
    Manuel Góngora Mera
  • WS 16/17: Seminar in the Hispanic and Latin American Philology Bachelor program: Contemporary literature in Colombia. (German)
    Susanne Klenge
  • WS 16/17: Latin American History and Memory in the Digital Humanities. (Spanish)
    Mónika Contreras Saiz
  • December 2016: Official and Dissident Memory of Recent Colombian History. Colombian Lecture Series. Universidad de Salamanca. (Spanish)
    Mónika Contreras Saiz
  • WiSe 14/15 (SoSe 15 / WiSe 15/16 / SoSe 16 / WiSe 16/17): Sociopolitcial and cultural structures of Bolivarian countries, from la Gran Colombia to date. (Spanish)
    Patricia Acevedo
  • September 26.-30. 2016: Course for Ph.D. students. Representation and memory of the Holocaust in contemporary Latin American literature. Textual and theoretical approximations. In the Universidad de Antioquia. (Doctorate in Literature, Faculty of Communication)
    Susanne Klengel
  • SoSe 16: Colombian peace process: conditions, problems, issues. (German)
    Günther Maihold
  • SoSe 15:  Comics and graphic novels in Brazil and Latin America. (German)
    Jasmin Wrobel
  • SoSe 14: Memory, History and Mass Media in Latin America. (Spanish)
    Mónika Contreras Saiz
  • WS 13/14: Intertextuality and intermediality in stories and novels by Borges, Cortázar and García Márquez. (German)
    Jasmin Wrobel
  • WS 13/14: Memory and Conflict. Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Memory in the context of transitional justice in Latin America. (Spanish)
    Mónika Contreras Saiz
  • SoSe 13: Twentieth-century Latin American short stories. (Spanish)
    Jasmin Wrobel#
  • WS 09/10: An aesthetic construction of Otherness. Towards a conceptual history of Magical Realism. (German)
    Susanne Klengel