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Ongoing Projects

Cultural Anthropology

  • Malagón Valbuena, Laura (ongoing project): "Making music in la FARC: circulation, connection and ideological legitimation in the context of war" (associated researcher in Cultural Anthropology). In Spanish. 
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels
  • Reyes, Aura Lisette (ongoing project): "German travelers in Colombia and the museumization of the indigenous, from the late XIX to the beginning of the XX century" (DAAD scholarship holder). In Spanish.
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Ingrid Kummels

Political Science

  • Figueroa Fajardo, Carolina (ongoing project): "The interaction of the international drug control regime with the human rights regime: the cases of Colombia and México”. In English.
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Günther Maihold
  • Hübschmann, Jessica (ongoing project): “Between violence and justice. An analysis of the construction of victimhood as a category and the emergence of new subjectivities in the context of transitional justice in Colombia", ("Between Spaces" scholarship). In German. 
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Günther Maihold
  • Ullrich, Jan (ongoing project): “The China Effect in commodity based economies of Northen Andean countries - New development opportunities or old dependencies?” ("Between Spaces" scholarship). In German.
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Günther Maihold


  • Mieles González, Ernesto Fabián (ongoing project): "Strategic Litigation, Social Mobilization, and Memory Building: Colombia 1990 - 2010". In English
    Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sérgio Costa