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Research Programm

Following the increased discussion in the humanities and social sciences about the question of the genesis and historical transformation of spaces, the International Research Training Group seeks to stimulate innovative research on globalisation and identify the ‘interstitial spaces’ to which globalisation has given rise since the colonial period and up to the present. The IRTG thereby sees globalisation processes as emerging contexts of global integration shaped by regional fragmentation and conflict. Its research program focuses on three main periods of globalisation: the colonial period, the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century. The program further focuses on the history of globalisation from the Latin American perspective. The program’s methodological and theoretical approach is oriented to the transnational and transcultural perspectives and debates that have been developed in recent decades by the historical disciplines and other social sciences and humanities in the area of transfer and translation research.


Reserach Areas

In order to access the wide range of transcultural, translocal and transregional interactions in interstitial spaces unfolded by the transnational perspective, the research program is divided into three areas: 

Like no other place in the Americas, Mexico is the hub of globalisation and an interface between North and South, East and West: from the conflict-ridden history of relations with the United States since the nineteenth to its special geo-political and economic position in the present, from the sixteenth century Manila galleons that sailed between Acapulco and Asia to Mexico’s special positioning in twentieth century global conflicts.

While Mexico’s transregional linkages are a key concern of the International Research Training Group, it is also supports dissertation and research projects dealing with other countries and regions in Latin America.


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