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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Renata Motta

Project Leader (on maternity leave)

Sociology of Latin America with focus on environmental, inequality and gender research


Dr. Marco Antonio Teixeira

Post-Doctoral Researcher - Scientific Coordinator, Project Manager

Social Movements, Food and Inequalities, Case Studies Brazil


Dr. Carolin Küppers

Post-Doctoral Researcher (on maternity leave)

Gender Studies and Intersectionality, Case Studies Germany


Madalena Meinecke

Researcher (on leave)

Social Inequalities, Super Food, Case Study Brazil - Germany


Eryka Silva Galindo

Doctoral Researcher

Feminism, Social Movements, Agroecology, Case Study Brazil


Lea Zentgraf

Doctoral Researcher

Feminist food movements, digital activism and intersectional discourse analysis - Case Study Germany/Brazil

+49 30 83866082


Marie Harnau

Research assistant

Gender Studies, Feminism, Case Studies Germany

Maria Júlia Barbosa Vergueiro

Research assistant

International Relations, Decolonial and Postcolonial Perspectives, Case Studies Brazil

Kevin Kaisig

Research assistant

International Relations and Bioeconomy - Case Study Wir haben es satt