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Syllabus Planning

The Latin American Institute conducts the planning of the syllabus electronically.


The online registration form for summer semester 2020 will be available until 03.11.2019.


Before you can register your courses in the online system, you must apply for an Evento account. Please forward your Zedat account name to Martha Zapata Galindo (mizg@zedat.fu-berlin.de) or Karina Kriegesmann (k.kriegesmann@fu-berlin.de).


We ask all of you to discuss the course offer of the LAI staff and the lecturers for the following semester at an early stage in each subject / department, so that the registration of the courses can be complete and swift.


We ask the profile and module managers of the MA to contact each other in advance and to consider the following points:


1. The event offers of the profiles should be coherent in content;


2. Due to the changes in the admission regulations for the winter semester 18/19 some courses in certain modules have to be offered in Spanish or in German and Spanish. Information can be found in the templates for teaching planning;


3. There should be a larger number of events in the core study area and in the 30-LP module offering;


4. In the project module, a broader range of topics should be realized through interdisciplinary events;


5. No courses may be offered simultaneously in the MA and the BA (the only exceptions are lectures and “Ringvorlesungen”);


6. MA courses may not be offered simultaneously for the core study area and profile area.


To support the curriculum, you can read the overview of all BA or MA modules and the description of the MA modules according to the study regulations.


The event planning for the BA and MA study program will take place on 12.11.2019 at 10:00 (Room 201) and the syllabus conference on 26.11.2019 at 09:30 (Room 201).


For further questions please contact Karina Kriegesmann (k.kriegesmann@fu-berlin.de).


The current list of responsible instructors for the respective disciplines can be found here.

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