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Exchange external access

If you would like to access your personal Exchange Mail account outside the workstation computer, please enter the following address in the browser (on an Internet-enabled device):




In the login mask, please enter:

   fu-berlin \ [ZEDAT username]

   and your ZEDAT password.


Now you have access to your personal mails, contacts and appointments (as on your workstation computer). The absence options can be edited under "Options - Set automatic answers".


To view the mails, calendar entries and contacts with an iOS device (iPhone / iPad),
Please first select "Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendars - Add Account - Exchange"
and then enter the following information
- E-Mail: FU-Alias@FU-Berlin.de
- Server: exchange.fu-berlin.de
- Domain: fu-berlin.de
- Username: ZEDAT username
- Password: your ZEDAT user password
- Description: FU-Exchange
- Advanced Settings: Enable SSL Use

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