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Connect with projector

(In room 243 first switch off the power completely at the fuse box on the right, wait a few seconds and then switch it on again.)


Switch on the projector with the control socket ("ON") (maybe you need a little patience)


Connect the VGA cable which is already connected to the socket to the laptop / PC.


If the projector does not automatically connect, press the "Laptop" button on the control socket.


After using the beamer, please switch it off again at the control socket ("OFF").


Please leave the cable connected to the control socket.



(The image source can be manually set on the remote control in room 214. If, as normally provided, connection is made through the VGA port, please select the number 1 on the remote control as the source.


With the button FREEZE the image can be "frozen" and also "unfrozen" again.


You can zoom in and out using the D-ZOOM button and then use the arrow keys to navigate.)


Note: The keyboard shortcut Windows key + P can also be used to set the video output of the laptop / PC.

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