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The Free University, in cooperation with the DFN and the TU Berlin, provides its own cloud service for every member of Freie Universität. "Box.fu-berlin.de" is based on the Nextcloud service. The service is still in the testing phase but can already be used. The matching tutorials (Tip4Us) will soon be available on the ZEDAT site. The system is already fully functional and can be used without hesitation. Thus, the Free University provides a privacy-compliant Dropbox alternative.


You can access the service with the help of your ZEDAT account.


The service can be reached via the web interface or as a client:


Web interface: https://box.fu-berlin.de

Client: https://portal.zedat.fu-berlin.de/software/swshop-staff.php#boxdotfu


Instructions for various operating systems can be found in the section Tip4U of ZEDAT:





  •    Cloud storage and access to your data from anywhere at any time
  •    You can share your data with anyone and make it accessible to everyone
  •    High security and data protection compliance, since the servers are located in Berlin at the TU    Berlin
  •    Calendar and contacts
  •    Editing and viewing documents
  •    Clients for PC, Mac or Linux
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