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Media Center

Lateinamerikanische transkulturelle Visualisierung

Lateinamerikanische transkulturelle Visualisierung
Image Credit: Design by Holle Meding

The Media Center of the Latin American Institute offers students the opportunity to include the analysis of audiovisual materials and media practices in their studies and even to realize their own small film project as part of their master's thesis. The corresponding video and sound equipment can be loaned from the Institute's media library (room 243) and professional software - Final Cut Pro X - can also be used.

The media library has a wide range of media outlets that deals with the cultural and social diversity of Latin America. They have been compiled according to the interests and needs of the Master's program of Latin American Interdisciplinary Studies, which combines six disciplines of social and cultural studies: Cultural and Social Anthropology, History, Literature and Cultures of Latin America, Economics, Political Science and Sociology.

Reservation of the technical equipment is coordinated by Holle Medingmediathek@lai.fu-berlin.de). It can be picked up on Wednesdays between 10 and 11:30 a.m.

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