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FAQ LAI International

FAQ for Exchange Programs for Students, Professors and Researchers at LAI Summer Semester/ 2020

  • How can I reach the LAI International Office during quarantine?

Due to prevention of Covid-19, the LAI International Office is available at the moment per e-mail or by phone. If you need to reach us, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail by international@lai.fu-berlin.de.

  • When are the activities going to start this summer semester?

All the activities from Latin America Institut are being postponed until 20th April, 2020, to a possibility of extension for a longer time, due to the uncertainty of the situation at this moment. Also, the Freie Universität Berlin is preparing online teaching formats for coursework in the Summer Semester 2020.

  • Can I study abroad at Freie University Berlin during this summer semester 2020?  

If you come from a risk area, you must spend a 14 days in quarantine before starting your activities at the university. The university will switch its classroom teaching to digital and there will be no classroom teaching. Also, online courses are being prepared, but we are uncertain to convert all the courses to an online format. If you are enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin as an exchange student and choose to remain enrolled, you will be able to participate in the online courses even if you do not stay in Berlin.

  • Can I postpone and come for Winter Semester 2020/2021?

In case you would like to postpone your activities from Summer Semester this year, you are welcome to postpone it and plan to come during Winter Semester 2020/2021.