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Study Visits for Groups of Foreign Students to Germany

Study Visits and Study Seminars for Groups of Foreign Students to Germany

The German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst, DAAD) with funds from the German Federal Foreign Office (AA) supports study trips to Germany by groups of foreign students led by university teachers.

DAAD application deadlines:

  • 01.02. of each year, for trips starting 01.06. the same year
  • 01.05. of each year, for trips starting 01.09. the same year
  • 01.11. of each year, for trips starting 01.03. the following year

Further information can be found here.

In addition to the program goals of the DAAD, the Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI) has introduced its own criteria for a planned university visit to the LAI and the FUB due to the high demand.

Please send your request exclusively to the Internationalization Officer at LAI: international@lai.fu-berlin.de and briefly adress the following points in your request:

  • Desired time frame in which the LAI should be visited (please note the Academic Calendar. If possible, a visit should take place during the teaching activity or shortly after the end of teaching activity)
  • Presentation of the study group (composition, disciplines)
  • Presentation of the study interest/motivation for a study trip to Germany
  • Presentation of the extent to which the group's study interest fits in with the research lines of the LAI (relation to the disciplines represented at the LAI and/or third-party funded projects at the LAI)
  • Description of previous connections to the LAI
  • Explain what goals the study group is pursuing with the stay at the LAI and at the FUB and which LAI researchers you would like to get in contact with

The team of the Internationalization Officer coordinates the inquiries within the LAI and is available to answer your questions.
In order to be able to answer your inquiries, please send them to us enough time in advance, but at least 7 working days before the application deadline (see above).