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International Research Training Group "Temporalities of Future"

The International Research Training Group (IRTG) ‘Temporalities of Future’, a cooperation between the Institute for Latin American Studies at Freie Universität Berlin, several institutes of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Universität Potsdam, El Colegio de México, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social, aims to offer a new perspective on the study of temporalities of the future in the social and cultural sciences. In close collaboration with colleagues from different disciplines, we seek to contribute to the growing field of research on temporalities of the future by realigning investigations towards a better understanding of global entanglements and the meaning of cultural heterogeneity, with Latin America serving as the primary example of both aspects. Our focus on the aspirations and anticipations of various actors who produce new temporalities of the future through constant interaction represents a novel approach which adds a much-needed perspective on subaltern and non-Western agency with regard to the future. The close cooperation of German and Mexican academic institutions allows a multifaceted investigation of temporalities of the future in colonial, postcolonial and contemporary Latin America, fostering joint empirical and theoretical research in an innovative interdisciplinary framework.

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