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Application and Admission Process

Doctoral students pursuing their doctorate as participants in the Institute’s doctoral program, and within the framework of the International Research Training Group “Temporalies of Future” concurrently participate in the structured doctoral program. All other LAI graduate students may apply to join the doctoral program and participate in the structured doctoral program, provided that they obtain a scholarship. Acceptance to the program requires the selected doctoral students to meet the conditions specified by DRS (e.g. attendance, a series of course certifications).

The application for admission to the doctoral program must be submitted each calendar year by February 15th and June 15th. It should contain the following documentation:

  • Synopsis of research project including work outline and bibliography (at least 7 pages)
  • CV
  • Cover letter, explaining your interest the doctoral program
  • Letter confirming supervision from a professor at LAI (may include honorary professors or lecturers)
  • Scholarship award

Applications should be submitted to the coordinator of the doctoral program:

Dr. Ingrid Simson
Freie Universität Berlin
ZI Lateinamerika-Institut
Rüdesheimer Str. 54–56
14197 - Berlin

They can also be submitted electronically to: promotion@lai.fu-berlin.de

Rules and Regulations_Doctoral Studies Program