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Research practice area

The area research practice offers students the opportunity to implement their individual interests in the shaping of their studies via the selection of a research practice module and a respective corresponding project module. The aim of this area is for students to gather professional or research experience or to be able to directly develop the specialist knowledge and methodological competences pertaining to the subject of their Master’s thesis and in accordance with the selection of individual focal points.

Academic Practice Module I is taken by students who complete an internship or a research project inland or abroad. Each of the four profiles will offer this type of academic practice module beginning in the summer semester of 2015. The aim of the module is to obtain knowledge and specific competences for the Master’s thesis in a practical activity or in an on-site research project. In order to pass this module, individual criteria can be set in the lectures, though a final report of 15 pages must be written. Since the form of learning and teaching for the module is expected to be in the form of e-learning, the internship or research will be accompanied in an e-learning module. This can be accomplished for instance by means of online tools such as blogs, etc., for which certain agreements (compulsory discussion participation, commentary function, short synopsis of progress on the Master’s thesis, etc.). The internship or the on-site research project must encompass a minimum of 360 hours.

In Academic Practice Module II, students can, in agreement with their area’s teaching staff, attend lectures from modules at other Berlin universities which they can then have confirmed via active participation. As in the other module, the aim is to acquire competences for the Master’s thesis. For this reason, the choice of lectures must be agreed upon and documented prior to taking the course.

The modules of the research practice area are: