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Specialization Area A: Representation and Entanglement

Questions of representation and entanglement are of central importance for the processes of societal transformation and cultural dynamics in Latin America. These are based on societal heterogeneousness and structures of power. In Specialization Area A, actor, image, and discourse-led actions in the past and present are examined. At the same time, the culturally diverse Latin American academic traditions and epistemic productions are dealt with alongside the specialist traditions of historiography, and literary and cultural studies. Representations and entanglement in their transregional and constantly changing dimensions will be analyzed on the basis of theoretical and methodological approaches that build on the close link between the approaches of cultural studies and social sciences in the humanities, social and cultural anthropology as well as Latin American literature and cultural studies. Research in this profile analyzes the local appropriation and production of ideas, discourses, institutions, media practices and strategies of representation in their entanglement in view of global-historical interdependencies.

The modules of Specialization Area A include: