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Specialization Area D: Gender Relations, Ways of life, Transformations

The specialization area „Gender relations, Ways of life, Transformations“ offers the foundation for the historical and contemporary understanding of gender relations in Latin America while taking into consideration the theoretical and methodological approaches of interdisciplinary gender studies. Against the backdrop of gender specific problems which account for the socio-economic and cultural heterogeneousness of Latin America, the area focuses on questions of democratization and violence (inter alia developmental policy, law and public spheres, social movements, ways of life and praxes) interculturality (ethnicity, hybridity and transnationalism) and representation (body and discourse). Via the linkage of the approaches of the social sciences and the humanities, the foundation is laid for a critical reflection of modernization and developmental processes in Latin America as well as of the influence of globalization processes including global governance on these.

The modules of Specialization Area D are: