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What is different compared to the application for the first semester?

The application procedure for a higher semester differs in a few points from the application for the first semester:

  • Applicants with a German university degree apply via the online form available here.
  • In addition to the documents that must also be submitted for an application for the first semester, applicants must upload a current "transcript of records" with achievements from the Master's program in which they are currently enrolled, as well as a confirmation of enrollment from the current Master's program.
  • The classification is carried out by the Master's representative (Karina Kriegesmann) based on the documents submitted or uploaded with the application ("transcript of records" of the current Master's program). No additional forms need to be submitted.
  • Applicants with a foreign degree certificate apply for the higher semester within the same deadlines via uni-assist and must submit the same additional documents as applicants with a German university degree. Classification is also carried out by the Master's representative.