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Juan Alberto Salazar Rebolledo

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International Research Training Group 'Temporalities of Future in Latin America'

PhD Candidate


Project: "An island to think of the future: Utopian construction, ideas of future, and critics on Cuban Revolution from cultural and artistic spaces in Mexico 1959-1980"

Boltzmannstr. 4
Room 004
14195 Berlin


Since 05/2022

PhD Candidate, International Research Training Group ‘Temporalities of Future’

08/2018 – 05/2020

Master in History at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico

08/2011 – 12/2015

Bachelor in History at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), Mexico


Work Experience

Since 05/2022

Researcher, International Research Training Group ‘Temporalities of Future’

Since 01/2021

Researcher and collaboration for scriptwriting, Transmedia Project ‘La Noche sin Sombra’ with founding of PROCINE, Mexico City

09/2021 – 12/2021

Researcher for a curatorship project at Centro Cultural ‘Los Pinos’, Mexico City

09/2019 – 04/2020

Researcher for the exhibition ‘Mathias Goeritz and the Spiritual Art’ at Instituto Cultural Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico

05/2016 – 05/2020

Researcher, Project ‘The Cultural Reason of the Contemporary Capitalism. A Comparative Study about Representations and Cultural Stereotypes in Mexico and in Latin America’ (CONACyT: CB-2014/243004) , Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social (CIESAS), Mexico City

04/2018 – 01/2019

Researcher and Curatorship Assitant for the exhibition ‘Avant-Garde and Defiance – Casa del Lago in 1968’, Casa del Lago UNAM, México City.

03/2017 – 08/2018

Researcher for the project ‘A History of the Sanitary Regulation in Mexico during the second half of the 20th Century’, Comisión Federal para la Protección Contral Riesgos Sanitarios (COFEPRIS), Mexico City

08/2017 – 09/2017

Researcher for the exhibition ‘The Factory of Cinema: Churubusco Studios (1945-2017)’, Estudios Churubusco Azteca, Mexico City

05/2016 – 08/2018

Researcher Assistant for Ricardo Pérez Montfort, National System of Researchers (SNI), CONACyT, Mexico City

04/2016 – 09/2016

Researcher for the photo exhibition ‘Graciela Iturbide, Avándaro’, Museo Universitario del Chopo UNAM, Mexico City

01/2016 – 12/2017

Teaching Assistant in courses of Mexican Historiography and Mexican Economics, Politics, Society, and Culture in the 20th Century, Facultad de Filosofía y Letras UNAM, Mexico City

01/2015 – 12/2015

Researcher for the project ‘Mexican Cultural Models in the 1960s’, Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas UNAM, Mexico City

Project: "An island to think of the future: Utopian construction, ideas of future, and critics on Cuban Revolution from cultural and artistic spaces in Mexico 1959-1980"

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rinke, Freie Universität Berlin

The triumph of the Cuban Revolution in January 1959 catalyzed the Cold War in Latin America. The cultural and artistic sphere in Mexico was a field of confrontation among diverse visions on what future could bring for the Latin American societies between the 1960s and the 1970s. The fascination for the leftist ideologies produced several images of Cuba as a utopian realization, as it allowed to foresee a possible future, very different to the outdated Mexican Revolution, fifty years old for that moment. As the years passed by the optimistic representations of the ideas of future progressively stepped aside and the critical visions fostered a progressive estrangement. The Mexican intellectual field offered a platform of exchange for Latin America that allowed to different social actors incorporating to the Cuban cultural circulation networks –and later their dissident counterparts– taking advantage of the implied cultural, social and political capitals for their own purposes.

With this research I propose to analyze the ideas from the hypothesis that the representations elaborated in the 1960s and the 1970s –in support or criticizing the Cuban Revolution– were contingent to the interests and needs of the involved actors in Mexico and Cuba, under arguments such as the “intellectual compromise” or the utopian realization. To demonstrate it I will work with the future representations through three axis: the enunciation conditions of the ideas of future, the spaces of cultural circulation and exchange: ideology, compromise, and capitals, and the construction of the ideas of future.


Salazar Rebolledo, Juan Alberto (2022): “Writer’s Havana: Jaime García Terrés and the representation of the intellectual compromise around the Cuban Revolution triumph in 1959 [original in Spanish]”, Cuban Studies 52

Salazar Rebolledo, Juan Alberto (2020): “The Rose and The Thorn: Musical expressions of antiimperialist solidarity in Latin America. The First Meeting of Protest Song in Havana, Cuba 1967 [original in Spanish]”, Secuencia. Revista de historia y ciencias sociales 108, Dossier “Las relaciones transnacionales de solidaridad con los movimientos revolucionarios latinoamericanos durante la guerra fría”

Salazar Rebolledo, Juan Alberto (2020): “Avándaro’s Mutations: the Super 8 Cinema and the Hippie Circuits of the Counterculture in Mexico City in the Early 1970s [original in Spanish]” Revue Babel Collection “Civilisations et sociétés” XVIII, Dossier “Le Mouvement Hippie dans le Monde Hispanique”

Salazar Rebolledo, Juan Alberto (2019): “The Festival de Rock y Ruedas in Avándaro 1971”, The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History


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