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Interinstitutional Formative Seminar in Mexico: Bernd Hausberger "Global History"

08.11.2010 | 16:00 - 20:00

Lecturer: Bernd Hausberger

Centro de Estudios Históricos (CEH), El Colegio de México
Time: 16.00-18.00 PM
To be confirmed

Title: Global History

Global History has become one of the most dynamic branches of historical investigation, but a specific methodology or theory is still missing. There are comparative, macro-regional and relational approaches. A quite vital distinction is the one of focus and scope: From what perspective and in which spatial framework should we observe and analyse historical phenomena? For example, Was the industrial revolution the result of specific local or regional dynamics, or was it the local or regional concretization of a wider global process? The session introduces global history approaches and examines their repercussions on the concepts of space in historical research.

Assigned readings

  • Mazlich, Bruce, Comparing global history to world history, Journal of Interdisciplinary History 28(3), 1998 (Winter), 385-95. 
  • O’Flynn, Denis & Giraldez, Arturo, Born again: Globalization’s sixteenth century origins (Asian/Global versus European dynamic), Pacific Economic Review 13(3), 2008, 359-87. 

Students’ Presentations (18.00-20.00 PM)

  • Moreno Chávez, José Alberto, “Religión, modernidad y conservadurismo. El papel de las redes culturales católicas transatlánticas (1850-1918)”
  • Bayardo Rodríguez, Lilia Estela, “Dimensiones del consumo moderno mexicano (1876-1952)”
  • Quintanar, Liana, “La gestión económico-administrativa de José Yves Limantour (1892-1911)”
  • Piltatowsky, Priscila, “Guerra, Estado, propaganda y censura: México 1942-1945”

Fecha y Lugar

08.11.2010 | 16:00 - 20:00

to be confirmed

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