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Jun.-Prof. Dr. Renata Motta

Project Leader

Sociology of Latin America with focus on environmental, inequality and gender research

Dr. Marco Antonio Teixeira

Post-Doctoral Researcher - Scientific Coordination

Social Movements and Alliances, Case Studies Brazil

Dr. Carolin Küppers

Post-Doctoral Researcher - Project Management

Gender Studies and Intersectionality, Case Studies Germany

Madalena Meinecke


Social Inequalities, Super Food, Case Study Brazil - Germany

Nicolas Goez

Research assistent

Socio-spatial research - Case Study Belo Horizonte

Kevin Kaisig

Research assistent

International Relations and Bioeconomy - Case Study Wir haben es satt

Lea Zentgraf

Research assistent

Social Movements, Media and Public Sphere - Case Study Marcha das Margaridas