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How do I sign up on Campus Management (CM) and where do I get my "Scheine"?

Erasmus students in political science can now sign up on Campus Management. Otherwise, course instructors will fill in a certificate on paper (“Schein”) at the end of the semester. This Schein must contain information on the title of the course, the course number, the type of the course, and on the kind of assignment (written exam, oral examination etc.) you have completed. If you finish a course with a certificate of achievement (“Leistungsnachweis”), this certificate will be graded. The certificate (“Schein”) must be signed and stamped by the lecturer. The ERASMUS office will fill in the respective ECTS-points. You can find a blank certificate here.

If the course instructor is not an employee at the LAI, but an external lecturer, they can obtain the required stamp in the office of the coordinator of the respective field of study (e.g. political theory).