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Where can I find the course catalogue (Vorlesungsverzeichnis) and is there also an English version available?

You can find the LAI course catalogue here.

Important: The course catalogue for the next winter term will not go online before September; the course catalogue for the summer term usually goes online in late February or March.

Please take into account that we do not guarantee completeness and immutability of the commented course catalogue, due to the fact that there can be changes at any time.

There is both, an English and a German version. For BA students, please click on "Module offering in Latin American Studies".

MA students, respectively, click on "Master's programme in Latin American Studies".

If you want to find only those classes that are being offered in Spanish or English, please navigate around the right-hand side of the webpage and click on the arrow button next to the "search now" button. It will give you the option of "advanced search". You may then choose your filters.