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Making the resilience and the existence: Black People in frontiers territories of Colombia and Ecuador and the Palm oil industry

The research is about the recurrent cycle of destruction, damage and regeneration of black-afro communities in the borders territories between the Pacific coast of Colombia and Ecuador, specifically in “La Raya”, the rural areas of San Lorenzo and Tumaco, and the expansion of the palm oil as new example of this cycle. One challenges of this work is to give relevance to different and plural economic structures that economic science has excluded and the other social sciences have analyzed as something exotic or residual. To achieve this, it is necessary to question the assumption of capitalism as the “hegemonic center of economic life”. This does not mean omitting or underestimating capitalism's role, but the contrary. What I am arguing is that in “La Raya” different relationships of production, circulation and consumption have not only existed simultaneously, but until now, they have been in constant competition for control of nature and labor force.

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