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Redefining the role of the state and the market in social security: the impact of transnational coalitions and public-private cooperation in micro-insurance

Tabea Sophia Goldboom


Tabea Goldboom’s research project is concerned with social protection mechanisms in developing countries and with the influence of international actors in this field. Her main interest is micro-insurance, i.e. insurance products which are designed for the low income population. Currently, a transnational coalition of different actors supports a burgeoning number of micro-insurance schemes and thus adds to a repositioning of states in developing countries with regard to social protection provision. Tabea Goldboom’s research project asks, what the effects of different governmental strategies that embrace micro-insurance are, and in which ways the transnational coalition that promotes micro-insurance contributes to these outcomes. The project embraces the perspective of recent writings on transnational or “global” social policies that focus on the multiple sites in which social policy formation occurs. It is particularly concerned with an exploration of social processes at the implementation level, including those that are relevant for understanding social inequality. This research aims to further the understanding of social protection and state-citizen relationships in settings where the role of the state as welfare provider is highly constrained.


Kontakt: goldboom@gmail.com

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