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Teaching staff and researchers

The course/workshop “Promoting equality and gender perspective in education and research in higher education institutions. Contributions to the European integration process” offers specialised training in the incorporation of gender perspective in the research processes and teaching.

During the winter term 2016/2017 the course/workshop "Igualdad y perspectiva de género en la enseñanza y la investigación en las instituciones de educación superior. Contribuciones al proceso de la integración europea" was held at the atin American Institute of the Freie Universität Berlin. The course  focussed on processes of gender equality within academic institutions of the European Union. Participants were familiarized with theories and methods of the implemetation of gender mainstreaming in these institutions.

The course/workshop is offered as part of the Project G-NET: Equality training Network- EU contributions to gender mainstreaming and citizenship, co-financed by the European Union within Jean Monnet de Erasmus+ program. It will be offered again during the summer term.