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The course/workshop “Equality policies based on gender in the European Union integration process” is aimed at civil society representatives, public administrators, technicians and politicians. Contents are focused on the integration processes institutional and legal frameworks, the diagnosis for the laws and policies development, and the implementation of the gender perspective in all sector policies. It will be both a classroom and on-line course.

During the winter term 201672017 the G-NET project of the Latin American Institute offered a workshop designed for professionals and stakeholders of civil society working in foundations, networks, institutions or organizations that are interested in the development and the implementation of public policies of gender equality,  titled: “Cómo diseñar políticas y proyectos con perspectiva de género. La experiencia de la Unión Europea”.

The workshop promoted knowledge of the incorporation and implementation of gender equality policies in the processes of regional integration of the European Union (EU) by identifying progresses and challenges this institutionalization process had to undergo. Furthermore the application of public policies of gender mainstreaming in the case of Germany where presented. Participants where given theoretical and practical tools in order to enable them to intervene in debates about the development of initiatives and/or policies aiming at the realization of higher levels of gender equality and egality within the institutions and fields they are introduced to.

The course/workshop is offered as part of the Project G-NET:  Equality training Network- EU contributions to gender mainstreaming and citizenship, co-financed by the European Union within Jean Monnet de Erasmus+ program. It will be offered again next summer term.