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G-NET information event

Thursday 13th of december 2016 the G-NET project of the Latin American Inistitute of the Freie Universität Berlin cordially invites to participate in an information event during which the activities of the project will be presented and shared with an academic and non-academic audiance. Furthermore participants of this years G-NET courses "Integración Europea y Género", directed to students, and "La igualdad y la perspectiva de género en la docencia y la investigación", directed to lecturers and researchers, will be lent their participation certificates during the ceremonial event. 

Place and time of the event:  13.12.2016, 18h, Lateinamerika-Institut, Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, 14197 Berlin, Room 201.

News from Dec 13, 2016

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