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COLBIODIV sub-project: The political processes of the organization of biodiversity in Colombia - The case of Bogotá and Barranquilla

Jan 01, 2017 — Jan 31, 2019

The "German-Colombian Biodiversity Network - Integral Managment of Biodiversity in model regions of Colombia" (COLBIODIV) is an interdisciplinary research network that involves botanists, geographers and social scientists in Germany and Colombia. COLBIODIV studies the complex natural and social processes that lead to the loss of biodiversity. On this holistic setting, the Integral Management of Biodiversity is been developed. The área of Political Sciences of the Latin American Institute of the FU Berlin participates since 2017 in COLBIODIV with the subproject "The political processes of the organization of biodiversity in Colombia - The cases of Bogotá and Barranquilla".

In this subproject, we analyze the sociopolitical processes that underlie in the transformation and loss of biodiversity in Colombia. The political handling of the loss of biodiversity is traced by numerous breaking points and conflicts. These are found at the site of the links that bind the biological, social and political realms. These orders are not articulated adequately amongst themselves and are fragmented internally. The project centers on the fragmentations and divisions in the political realm that result of normative conflicts, and the interactions between international, national and regional legal dispositions, in diverse political scenarios.