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Feminist Politics and the fight against violence in the era of digitalization

Principal Investigator:

Berliner Chancengleichheitsprogramm für Frauen in Forschung

Jan 01, 2018 — Dec 31, 2020

This project analyzes the ways in which feminist collectives have been appropriating Internet and digital technologies to fight digital violence against women. It seeks to arrive at a better understanding of the role that these digital technologies play in promoting new forms of feminist political engagements and collective action strategies for the empowerment of women. The Internet is understood here as a pivotal instrument in a larger network of digital technologies through which feminist collectives seek to create awareness, to mobilize knowledge, and to contest power. By promoting a dialogue between digital politics and feminist technoscience studies, the project seeks to provide new insights into the literature on digital politics and to go beyond the “digital divide” by uncovering the feminist networked strategies that are deployed in political participation. A mixed embedded research design will be used, combining two approaches. On the one hand, the project involves digital ethnography in feminist collectives in Berlin and Mexico City. On the other hand, the ethnographic research design embeds digital methods in order to map interventions from the feminist collectives in public debates in social media (Twitter and Facebook).