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Digital Sources of Athropology of the Americas I

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Responsible for the project:

Name: Prof. Dr. Ursula Thiemer-Sachse
Address: Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, 14197 Berlin
Tel.: 838 54368
E-Mail: utslai@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Name: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Golte
Address: Rüdesheimer Str. 54-56, 14197 Berlin
Tel.: 838 56013
E-Mail: golte@zedat.fu-berlin.de

Project coworkers:

Name: Angelika Danielewski
E-Mail: a_danielewski@hotmail.com

Name: Ursula Korczok
E-Mail:  ursulakorczok@yahoo.de

Name: Matthias Lewy
E-Mail:  mattlewy@web.de

Name: Frank Markert
E-Mail:  fmarkert@web.de

Name:  Katrin Müller de Gámez
E-Mail:  mdg@ubcom.de

Name:  Dr. Elke Ruhnau
E-Mail:  e.ruhnau@gmx.net

Short description:

The „ Digital Sources of Anthropology of the Americas, Archeology and pre-columbian American History “ project involves the creation of self-contained learning units, or "modules" placed on the university's learning management system for use in Bachelor and Masters courses and student self-study.

Documents and images from a wide variety of sources, including chronicles, reports, myths, stories, songs, hieroglyphics, references of iconographic communication, photographs, archaeological designs,  and sketches are stored in an elaborate database, organized and presented with commentary in study units, and made available for future uses.