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Research Network for Geosciences in Berlin and Potsdam Geo.X (Geo.X)

The comprehensive geoscientific expertise in Berlin and Potsdam is bundled in the Geo.X research network that brings together partners from universities and non-university research institutions. The key motivation for the cooperation of the Geo.X partner institutions is the fundamental recognition of the strong potential of joint performance. In light of this, the partner institutions commit themselves to a close cooperation in the areas of research, teaching, joint infrastructure, internationalisation and transfer into society and industry. This commitment is reflected in joint research projects, joint promotion of young talents and networking initiatives. Geo.X is strictly organised bottom up, oriented towards the needs of member scientists. 

Building on expertise from the network, Geo.X will groom next generation geoscientists, to sustain a vibrant, concentrated and productive regional research network that serves as a blueprint for perpetuating collaborative multi- and interdisciplinary science and, in this way, to provide answers to grand challenges that shape the future of our society.