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Beyond the region of Latin American, the Institute for Latin American Studies’ research agenda is also engaged with current developments in area studies. As part of the research profile Latin America: Linkages and Translations, the premises, conditions and manifestations of contemporary Latin American are analyzed. A de-centered perspective informs the analysis of the interconnected developments of European and non-European societies. In addition to research on transformation and transculturality, translation research has also been established as a method for exploring the many trans-cultural dynamics of social movements and political and economic transformation processes, serving as an interface between cultural- and social-scientific approaches. This involves including more regions and making connections to different research traditions and historical perspectives. Four research strategies are pursued in particular:

  • Stronger linkages between area studies and individual disciplines
  • Greater cooperation between cultural and social sciences
  • Focus on transformation, transculturality and translation processes
  • Interrelational historical approaches and historical perspectives

These research strategies make an innovative contribution to overcoming the fragmentation of disciplinary research and area studies. They also encourage the development of interdisciplinary research and de-centered perspectives on interdependent historical trends and the specific manifestations of modern European and non-European societies that go beyond the dichotomous categories of center and periphery.