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Entangled History

Recent historical and sociocultural anthropological research examines globalization processes in terms of growing interdependencies as well as their disruptions. To move beyond reductive national-historic and Eurocentric perspectives, the research projects of historical and anthropological disciplines accordingly concern themselves with transregional, transnational and translocal linkages that also characterized the history of Latin America long before the European conquest. They cover the continuum from the early history of the ‘first Americans’ to the colonial companies formed by people from the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia and up to the present. Geographically, they focus on the regions of America in all their diversity and transregional interdependencies. The research revolves thematically around the role of Latin America in the periods of globalizations since 1492, the topic of identity formation as well as the social and cultural changes that have occurred in the course of modernization. Special attention is given to the actors’ mobility, the effectiveness of agency through representations in writing, performance and audio-visual media and the intercontinental dependencies developing out of specific knowledge-formation projects and historicities.