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New video on YouTube about "A (re)volta da fome no Brasil. Desigualdades alimentares e lutas por justiça alimentar"

News from May 25, 2021

The IHU ideas activity is a space for discussion, analysis, and evaluation of issues that constitute major challenges of our time. It seeks to do so within the framework of cultural debate, to foster debate on current issues, covering the areas of activity of the Instituto Humanitas Unisinos - IHU.

Specific objectives

  • To discuss emerging themes of scientific discoveries and their implications.
  • To analyze socio-political-economic-spiritual and cultural issues that influence the organization of different social groups.
  • To evaluate, considering the context of globalization and the "information society", the repercussions on the life of the human being as a subject.

Watch the session with Renata Motta. She speaks about the (re)return of hunger in Brazil: food Inequalities and struggles for Food Justice. Watch the video on YouTube!

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