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Reaction to the research report “Efeitos da pandemia na alimentação e na situação da segurança alimentar no Brasil”

News from Apr 24, 2021

The Working Paper 4 "Efeitos da pandemia na alimentação e na situação da segurança alimentar no Brasil", published on April 13, 2021, received a great response in the Brazilian and international media. By April 23, data from Food for Justice's research report had already been mentioned and discussed in 146 media outlets.

The main highlights of the media coverage are an opinion article written by Marco Antonio Teixeira, Renata Motta and Eryka Galindo and an interview given by Renata Motta.

Furthermore, the survey data served as support for the Brazilian Workers' Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores) to pressure the Ministry of Agriculture to release amounts of the Minimum Price Guarantee Policy (PGPM) not used by the administration. In addition, the government was asked to allocate funds for the Program for the Purchase of Food (PAA) to have a budget of R$1 billion. Both measures are important for promoting food security and nutrition in Brazil. More details can be found here. The Workers' Party also used the report's data to file a lawsuit in the Federal Court for urgent measures to fight increasing hunger, citing "omissions" by the government. For more information, click here.

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