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Wir haben es satt! 2021 – Online Survey

Die Demonstration im Jahr 2020

Die Demonstration im Jahr 2020
Image Credit: Renata Motta

News from Jan 15, 2021

The Corona pandemic is having a strong impact on social movements. So, for this year's Wir haben es satt! demonstration, Meine Landwirtschaft is calling for an online protest instead of a large nationwide demonstration. They are asking all activists to stay home and send a footprint instead, with „Fuß, Farbe & Forderung“ (Foot, Color & Demand) on it. All prints, will be carried to the #WHES21 protest in front of the Chancellery, press-effective, but without public participation on site. Thus, Wir haben es satt! has expanded the repertoire and integrates online actions as new forms of protest.

We are also following this request with the junior research group Food for Justice: Power, Politics, and Food Inequalities in a Bioeconomy and will not conduct an on-site survey this year. Instead, there will be an online survey aimed at farmers, agriculturists, beekeepers, and anyone involved in agriculture or food production. You can access the survey here: https://tinyurl.com/BefragungWHES2021

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