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Production of a social and culture-scientific thesaurus in Portuguese-German.


Institute for Latin American Studies

Principal Investigator:

This thematically arranged vocabulary collection will include about 5000-6000 terms from the thematic and specialized fields that are relevant for the students and lecturers of the Latin America institute. It will be relatively large and inter-disciplinary, but without pretending to be complete as this would require a collection about ten times as large. Included will be terms from the disciplines which non-expert would also know, such as economic terms which scholars in politics or cultural studies would occasionally use as well as political or culture-scientific terms which economists should understand. Typical linkages of words or subsets in both languages to illustrate disciplinary concepts will be included as well. To facilitate searches and function to some extent as a glossary or dictionary. A thesaurus will offer a bilingual alphabetical register.

The present emphasis is Brazilian Portuguese, but it is planned to eventually include the European and the African Varieties.

The thesaurus is designed to give students and specialists a tool to extend systematically their technical vocabulary and to prepare for technically-oriented discussions, conferences and lectures. It is addressed both to German as well as to Portuguese language users. The first version will be electronic and suitable for the e-learning platform with an option for a print version to be published later.