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The security of Zedat accounts is immensely important!


Detailed instructions for creating and changing secure passwords.


For work abroad, we ask you to work for security reasons as possible with the VPN of the FU.


Instructions can be found here

Beispiel 1

Beispiel 1

Beispiel 2

Beispiel 2

Since there is not the well-known recycle bin available on the network drives (home drive H: / group drive I :) where the deleted data is cached, there is in Explorer the function "previous version" with which you can restore accidentally deleted data.

These "previous versions" are automatically created approximately every four hours and are normally a day available for you before being overwritten again.


So if you want to restore data, then click with the right mouse button on the folder above and select in the menu item "Properties" the tab "Previous version".


There you will see the created copies that you can restore.

We recommend that you mark the corresponding entry and click on "Open".

This will show you the folder (as it was at the selected time) in a new window and you can open the data and, if necessary, save it again under a different name.

Data and files should always be stored on your own network drive H or group drive I.


Data and files stored on the desktop are not permanently backed up and automatically deleted after some time.

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