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Latin American Centre, University of Oxford

The Latin American Centre (LAC) at the University of Oxford was founded in 1964 to promote the study of Latin America in the UK and is now part of the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies (OSGA). The LAC acts as Oxford's hub for the study of Latin America across a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, geography, music and literature. Visiting scholars and visiting doctoral students from home and abroad contribute to a vibrant community of scholars working on a wide range of topics central to the region. The research of the LAC's academic staff covers areas such as transitional justice, coalitional presidential systems, the political influence of remittances, the political economy of inequalities, the history of policing, urban development and the history of democracy.

The LAC and the Institute for Latin American Studies of Freie Universität Berlin have further deepened their existing cooperation within the framework of the Oxford Berlin Research Partnership between the University of Oxford and the Berlin University Alliance. Several research projects and joint publications between the LAC and the LAI have been embedded in this alliance. Through mutual exchange and numerous guest visits in both directions, a dense network of academics, doctoral students and students has emerged that is jointly dedicated to the study of Latin America from an interdisciplinary perspective.